FAQ'S - 110 James

1. When will the project be ready for occupancy? Construction is complete and quick possessions are available.

2. Who are the developer, designers and contractor for District Condominiums? StreetSide Development Corporation, a division of the Qualico® Group of Companies, is both the developer and the general contractor for this project. The design team consists of 701 Architecture Inc., Crosier Kilgour & Partners Ltd. (Structural Engineers), Williams Engineering Canada (Mechanical and Electrical Engineers) & Genivar (Civil Engineers).

3. What level of soundproofing can be expected at District Condominiums?  The walls between the suites are constructed of a steel stud wall with insulation, resilient channel and a layer of drywall on each side. The floors are constructed of existing heavy timber beams, existing wood 2 x4’s on edge, underlayment and gypcrete floor topping. All hard surface flooring will be installed on underpad.

4. What is the heating system at District Condominiums? Each suite is equipped with its own central heating and air conditioning unit located at the ceiling near the suite entry. Additional heating for exterior brick walls are provided by electric baseboard heaters. (Air conditioning condensing units are located on the roof of the building.)

5. What are the Common Element Fees at District Condominiums and what is included in the common element charge? The comment element "condo fee" are based on your pro-rated share of the common element expenses of the building. The comment element fee is made available upon request. 

6. What do Common Element Fees Pay For? Common element costs include all "common elements" or shared costs including (but not limited to) common area heating and cooling, hydro, maintenance, grounds keeping and landscaping, service contracts for elevators and safety equipment, professional management and janitorial costs, building insurance, (owners require separate condominium contents and betterments insurance), snow and garbage removal, lights, power and telephone in the common areas, in-suite and common area water and sewer, as well as replacement and maintenance reserve charges etc. Residents pay separately for telephone, cable TV, contents insurance, and property taxes.

7. What type of parking is provided? Residents will have various options to fulfill their parking needs, including select leased surface parking lots in the neighbourhood.

8. Are appliances included in my purchase price at District Condominiums? An appliance package option of 6 appliances including a refrigerator with bottom freezer, a range with a ceramic cook top, an over the range microwave, a built in dishwasher plus a stacked washer and dryer option is available for purchase.

9. Have Rules and Regulations been established for residents of District Condominiums? The rules and regulations will be described in detail in the project condominium documents and by-laws. Every condominium project has rules regulating the use of the common elements, balconies, improvements etc.

10. Can I purchase a condominium home at District Condominiums and rent it until I am ready to occupy it myself? You may rent your condominium provided you comply with all rules and regulations of the condominium documents.

11. What type of insurance will I require with respect to my new condominium home at District Condominiums? The condominium corporation will provide insurance for the overall building. Owners will require separate condominium unit owners insurance on their contents and any upgrades and improvements.

12. What are my real estate taxes likely to cost at District Condominiums? The City of Winnipeg will not confirm property taxes; however the range is estimated to fall between $2,700 - $5,000 per annum. 

13. Is the GST included in the purchase price?
 The purchase price has been presented with both GST included and excluded for purposes of clarity, but all offers will include the net GST in the purchase price. The rebate is initially paid out by the builder and subsequently credited back to them.

14. Are pets allowed at District Condominiums? The project by-laws and declaration will describe the rules in detail.

15. Will alternate colour & finish selections be available?
 As the remaining unit are complete, the option to personalize is no longer available.