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An Urban Love Story

It’s nearly impossible to walk around the Exchange District and not feel transported to another time.  The century-old architecture lays the groundwork for a community that is at once charming in its quaint, old-world familiarity, and innovative and bold, with an eye to the future.

Residents feel at home here, spending their free time indulging in the bountiful riches of the Cultural District.

“Downtown is the heart of Winnipeg. Living in the Exchange is the perfect excuse to have a staycation. My only complaint now is that there is so much to do, I’m not home often enough.”

-District Condo owner Jenny-Lynn

It's Like Nowhere Else

From chefs and musicians, to artists, designers, and entrepreneurs, the Exchange has long been the home for many of Winnipeg’s creative and enterprising people. It’s what gives this neighbourhood its distinctive, personal vibe. Below are just a few of your new neighbours.

Start your day with a coffee brewed with local beans at Forth, meet your friends for a lavish lunch at deer + almond, or head down to the Cube for one of the many back-to-back festivals hosted in the Exchange all summer long.

The Forks, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Shaw Park, and tons of destination-worthy restaurants, entertainment and nightlife are all at your fingertips. Any way you explore the area is picturesque - dog-walkers like to frequent Stephen Juba Park - and the stunning Provencher Bridge sets the backdrop for your sunset riverbank views.

Register now to learn more about District's final phase.


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